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Explore educational resources such as infogaphics, animations, lesson plans and presentations. Encourage students to think critically and function more consciously in the present.

Incorporate new media into the classroom and encourage students to delve into history from various angles, considering different perspectives on the same historical issue.

Teaching resources are available in English, Polish, German, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian.

Teacher's Voice

I want students to realize that you cannot truly understand the peoples’ spirit without taking into account the entire social, historical and economic context. Otherwise, you can only take a little glimpse, just a piece of puzzle of this whole image of the human drama, the human in the given  time.

Teacher from Romania

Modern history is brutal. I would like to show students that in a civilized world, such brutality can happen. We may end up with a political system such as communism, in which people are completely excluded from thinking and normal functioning. There is no possibility of development towards freedom.

Teacher from Poland